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Airport Lighting


Nhãn hiệu : ATG airports
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Ngày cập nhật : 04/09/2014
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  • IRIS introduces Dynamic Light Output (DLO) technology providing true back indication and maintaining 100% of the required light output at all times.

  • By monitoring the actual light output, IRIS maintains total airfield uniformity regardless of the age of the luminaires.

  • Optimized power consumption helps to prolong the lifespan of the LED’s offering longer maintenance intervals, fewer spare parts and reduced life cycle costs.

  • FAA Style 3 and IEC style 4, low protrusion profile reduces the likelihood of damage to both aircraft types and by snow plough blades.

  • The Optical Cartridge unit is the same size across the entire IRIS inset range. A stainless steel housing for the prisms allowing for a quick, easier and safer changeover during routine maintenance procedures and providing direct access to the plug and play LED light engine.

  • No negative slope or potential dirt trap around the optical cartridge reduces the likelihood of any materials pooling in front of the prism and impacting on the photometric performance of the luminaire.

  • Power factor of greater than 0.9 improves efficiency of the airfield lighting circuit.

  • LED’s provide direct color rendering without filters, improving the photometric output of the luminaire.

  • IRIS is designed to follow the same light intensity curve as Tungsten Halogen.

  • Fully compatible with existing airfield lighting infrastructure.

  • Fin heat sink design for improved thermal management.

  • Double gasket design maintains the integrity of the light and the electronics from water or other airfield contaminants.

  • A combination of aluminum, stainless steel and glass are all easy to separate and recycle and by not needing to encapsulate the electronics due to the innovative design of the optical cartridge, these too can be reprocessed rather than having to be thrown away.

  • Integral pressure valve.



Compliance with Standards

  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. 1Fig. A2/5,6,7,8 and Fig.6A/12,13,15
  • FAA L-850A, B, C, D, E Class I & IIB AC 150/5345-46D
  • FAA Engineering Brief 67D L-850A,B,D and L-852C,D,K
  • IEC 61827
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • WEEE


IRIS can automatically present an open circuit on the AGL power input when the light output falls to 50% or when more than 25% of the LEDs have failed.




  • Net Weight                          4.2kg
  • Gross Weight                      4.7kg
  • Packaging                           260mm x 260mm x 170mm



Environment Condition

  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +55°C
  • Relative Humidity 0 to 100%


  • Net weight                            4.2Kg
  • Height above grade              < 6.35mm
  • Depth into seating pot          68mm
  • FAA Style                             3


Download IRIS high intensity LED lighting solutions brochure here