Integration of Emergency Intercom for EMU400 Series Trains


Welltek helps Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) to integrate Emergency Intercom into EMU400 Series trains, which were manufactured in 1990s in South Africa. There are twelve sets of EMU400 Series trains. To fulfill higher safety requirement nowadays, TRA is in urge to build Emergency Intercom System in their trains.



Welltek proposed VoIP for Emergency Intercom System. VoIP provides easy configuration and high voice quality.


There is no ethernet environment on EMU400 Series and it is not feasible to install new ethernet cables between the cabins. 


Welltek lays cables on the ceilings in all cabins. To solve the through-cabins problem, Welltek uses ethernet extenders to build connections on one pair of control wires, which run through all cabins.


Emergency Intercom System:

Emergency Intercom consists of nine passenger intercoms, two SIP phones in two conductor rooms, two LCD monitors in two driver rooms, and one SIP server in one of the conductor rooms.



Emergency Intercom Systems are successfully integrated into twelve sets of EMU400 Series trains and any two sets of trains can be coupled without adjusting any VoIP setting.