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Door Obstruction Detection Controller for Railway Application

Item Code : WTK-DAC-1
Brand : Welltek
Warranty : 1 Year
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Date update : 23/03/2012
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Door Obstruction Detection Controller for Railway Application: WTK-DAC-1

WTK-DAC-1 integrates two pressure wave switches to detect pressures from two rubber seals on left and right doors. With sensitive pressure switches and reliable controls, WTK-DAC-1 provides obstruction detection solution for passenger railway applications. Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) uses WTK-DAC-1 on the EMU400 series trains, which were manufactured in early 1990s, to meet higher railway safety standards nowadays.


  1. Surge Protection: 33V
  2. Operation Temperature: 0~70℃
  3. Relay Contact Capacity: DC30V5A
  4. Control Method: Single Chip Digital Signal Control
  5. Door Re-Closing Cycle: 3"~18" adjustable, in 1" step
  6. Working mode: Normal mode/Bypass mode (In bypass mode, the doors cannot be opened by door-open signals.) 
  7. Status Indicator: 12 LEDs
  8. Error Indicator: 1 LED
  9. Surge Protection: 33V
  10. Operation Temperature: 0~70℃
  11. Dimension: 201mm(W) x 107mm(L) x 59mm(H)

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