Company History

    Welltek International ITS Inc. is a lawful company registered under the laws of Taiwan on the 21st, day of July, 1988. Its registered office located at TAIPEI, the capital of the country. Welltek has served Nortel, Nokia and other leading communications companies, and Chung-Hua Telecommunications system operators for 20 years and has accumulated rich experience in telecommunications systems engineering integration.

    The business scope of Welltek are as follows:

        1. Providing consultancy for Telecommunication services.

        2. Providing Telecommunication, Communication products and system integration to customers.

        3. Setting up Telecommunication & Transportation systems, includes

               (1) Site survey
               (2) Site preparation
               (3) Installation
               (4) Commissioning
               (5) Maintenance

    Welltek Taiwan has been rapidly growing in its marketplace, and has gained reputation from customers. The company has expanded throughout other locations in Taiwan, and in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Currently, Welltek has 140 full time employees throughout the Asia region and an additional 200 persons under present contract.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the supports needed for our customers to be successful in their field works.


    References and Experiences

Welltek have successfully provided contribution to the project on following tasks.

Program Management

Program Management Review
Program Engineering Design Review
Program Progress Meeting
Program Scheduling
Project Cost Control
Customer Training
Quality Control
Health and Safety Program

System Design, Installation, Test and Commissioning

Site survey
Electrical, Mechanical, Civil construction Design
Prototype Application Design
Prototype installation and test
Serial Application Design
Serial Installation & Drawing
Installation Material Procurement
System Installation
System Software configuration
Installation, Test & Commissioning
Preliminary Acceptance Test

Hand-on Training


Logistic Support

Inventory Control
Delivery to Site

Replace & Repair

Fault Verification
Field Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair

Field Maintenance

Welltek engineers reside in Customer facilities for execute field maintenance of equipments .

Warranty Support

As described in the ensuring paragraphs, WELLTEK experience encompasses all aspects of Telecommunication field.  Our ultimate goal is to provide the supports needed for our customers to be successful in their telecommunication fields of works.  Listed hereunder with the major IT&C project and customer that Welltek have been executed since established on 1987.


Welltek’s Vendor & Customer


Welltek's Partner in Telecom Area